A game about a depressive episode, created in an attempt to get rid of said depressive episode.

It’s been years since—and the trick seems to have worked—but I was reminded to re-release it.


Fatigue.zip 13 MB
Fatigue.app 22 MB
Fatigue.x86 21 MB

Development log


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After I downloaded the Windows version and click on the exe file, this error shows up:

How should I fix this?

Ah, sorry about that. I've replaced the file so it should have the Data folder now, please let me know if there are any further issues!

Wow, thank you for the fast reply :)

This game portrays  where I am right now, down to the drawing and watching youtube at night. Well, I don't know if I'm depressed exactly, but I'm spinning my wheels, unmotivated. I figure I'll land a good job eventually if I keep looking, but who knows when that'll be? It's nice to feel less alone in that. Thanks.

I sincerely wish you all the best. It's hard not knowing how to get out of that mental state. Could be getting the job, but it could be something else, too. I hope you can find it soon. Good luck with your drawing, art always helps.


Thank you for releasing this. The "Bottom Line:" is something that I need to keep working at in my own life, but it's nice to see creativity combat depression in a way that we (your players) can connect with.