A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Storyseeker is a minimalist narrative experiment driven by your curiosity. Follow the trails of weasels, talk to ghosts, cross the ocean. Find out what happened to this world.

Music by Joel Järventausta.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Dec 20, 2017
Tags2D, artgame, Cute, Exploration, Fantasy, Non violent, Relaxing, Story Rich, Top-Down, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Storyseeker.exe.zip 112 MB
Storyseeker.app.zip 116 MB
Storyseeker.x86.zip 117 MB


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i settle down with utmost trust in lesbian serpents, they will figure out the rest and save the world


What an incredible little game. I played it when it first came out years ago and I'm still thinking about it even now.


Excellent project, to be honest, I did feel a little confused at the beginning, but after I'm exploring I did find the story, and WOW. The concept is fresh I like it so much, congratulations for this beautiful piece of art. Tnks for sharing this with us, really really tnks u

Really good game bro!


going to write a review for this anyway, but i thought it'd be nice to comment so everyone can see. this game is simple, but don't let that fool you. its narrative is delightful and haunting in equal measure, complete with beautiful visuals the likes of which i've not seen in some time. i really enjoy the trails left on the map that lead you to things, it's such a nice concept. if you're considering playing this, go in blind and just let your feet take you onwards.


This was delightful, thank you very much. :)


Incredible and haunting in every aspect. A gem that lets its visuals narrate its story. I loved it.

is there more to come after knowing that time is wrecked and there is no way to fix it? By the way, Amazing game!! I have never seen a game like it before!! i love it!

This game surprised me, how big and beautiful it is :o Really enjoyed playing ♥

Great game. I really liked that it was so exploratory with little explanation. Gave me a similar feeling as Breath of the Wild in that sense.

Intriguing trailer! Would it be possible to make a 64-bit or universal-Linux build? Some systems don't have 32-bit dependencies.

A beautiful and relaxing game.

Loved every aspect of it.

SUCH a cool game, i almost found all the places in one go!

i 1000% loved this and even though i played it once i will play it 100 more times, just the greatest game ever.

This is one of the best games that I have ever played and I loved going all over the place on the map. It was such a stellar game and my favorite here. I particularly enjoyed the ending. It was such an interesting way to end a story like this.

I love this game. It is very simplistic yet impactful because you get to explore the world and its history entirely by yourself and at your own pace. For me it was a beautiful experience. Thank you for the game :)

This game is so nice bro, I love this game, so funny. I love you <3 


This game not only has astoundingly beautiful visuals, but it also creates a deeply immersive ambience with its music and text. I became emotionally invested in exploring this world and putting together the pieces of the story. This is such a unique way of storytelling!

Wow, that was awesome... though very unusual... not even sure what genre this is... and actually I really like it as it is... and I feel the game play elements (that it actually has) aren't even necessary at all.

Lovely game!  I really like your art style.

I loved this. Lots of games could learn about good storytelling by playing this game.

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That was a beautiful experience, thanks

Same here. That's exactly the kind of atmosphere I was looking for.


Hey man! I finally found you here. I'm a composer and I really love the desert scenes you're currently posting on Twitter! It would be great if you could message me on Twitter :) @RuvenWegner

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Great, cute exploration art game! At first it's sort of daunting in the scale of the map, but that in of itself, you learn it does something very cool and is great to experience and realize the first time you play it. The art is great, it's very atmospheric, and, while the objective of the game is not clear at first, it's very easy to catch on. The music goes well with each area and is enjoyable, the colors are great, and I quite like the quirky and effective writing. I don't want to give too much away, but really my only gripe is with the narrative and


 how it ends somewhat anticlimactically. There are also a few glitches that might effect the immersion; sometimes when you travel the map jumps/changes as you're walking across it (as if a new area is being loaded) and there was one spelling error ('strenght'). Otherwise I enjoyed this game and would definitely recommend.


I loved the art and the music in this game - it's beautiful.

That said, the game design needs work. There are complaints about the game being boring. I don't think the game is boring as much as it is frustrating. The system that generates the totems ( relics? ) that you are supposed to find make the game repetitive. I suggest not generating them one by one. It seems like once you find one, a new one then pops up on the map somewhere ( or an event triggers a new totem to pop up ). This means that the things that I'm trying to find will pop up in places that I have already explored. The very last one is the most frustrating to find since it is basically generated somewhere on the map in a completely random location. Seeing as there are no clues, and seeing as I went around and explored many areas soaking in the wonderful narrative, you aren't challenging me as a player at this point - the system becomes unbalanced.

Furthermore, I started to become numb to the beautiful music and art since I was randomly checking places that I had already been countless times before.

I suggest putting the totems /relics in set locations versus generating them one after another. Put them all on the map and don't move them or make them appear in any order. I guarantee this will help you with players who say they feel lost or bored.

In the end, I didn't find the last totem / relic because I realized the system isn't fair to the player and I stopped playing. I really wanted to see the ending.

This game would get my top regards with that one change to the game design, and I would play again to finish it.

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I sincerly loved the game!!Its beutiful and engaging, and leaves you reflecting about stuff! Just like it says in the trailer, being lost started feeling like home!!! I did get a little frustrated about the "Theres nothing you can do" becouse i wanted to change something and help out, but it makes total sense becouse in these game you are the story seeker, and that's all yo have to do.  

I  would love to join The Soryseeker in another adventure in a diferent world, so please consider it!!

Sorry for the terrible english! 

LOVE the game guys! I've been sending it to a bunch of friends, it's a joy to play.

I'm on Linux though, and I can't seem to maximize the window wich is a bit annyoing?
I'm guessing since it's a child window of itch. If this was fixed I'd be real happy :)

Ah, that's unfortunate. Usually you should be able to go fullscreen by selecting it in the popup window where you choose the resolution--does this not show up at all on Linux? (The Linux version wasn't properly playtested, sorry about that.)

Ah, of course. I played it on PC too and I remember there being that popup. That window doesn't show up in Linux though!

Hope you find the time to fix it, if not then I know how it is :)


Also played on Linux. The resolution pop up was there on first load, and I played full screen.



I liked this! Very interesting worldbuilding. I loved putting pieces together in my mind about the story of the world (especially how new info brings new perspectives), I much less liked hunting down the last few runes - I was initially hooked upon discovering the Temple, but towards the end I didn't feel like I was finding any clues to hunt down their locations. This is where it stopped becoming engaging - something to think about.

But thank you for making this! I look forward to more worlds from you. :>

Real nice game.
Sounds design, music, art, characters, stories, ending ..
Thanks for the ride, Miles and Joel !

This is my favorite itch.io game. By far. Beautiful  artwork and poignant and often haunting dialogue  puts this game in a league of its own.  Every location is a piece of artwork, and I cannot recommend playing this game to its finale highly enough.

Miles, please release a sequel!

Absolutely wonderful game.  Everything about it was lovely, and so sad.

I really enjoyed your game! It was witty and fun and interesting and everything I would expect from an excellent exploration game, I loved how it told a story with very little dialogue and even then some of the dialogue was so haunting and mysterious that I couldn't help but want to learn more. I hope you don't mind but I did make a small gameplay video for the game and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really apreciate it! In the meantime thank you for creating such a well thought out and unique exploration game! 

the unity dll always says its full when i have like 1k gb of space

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Are you playing on Windows? Is this an error message that pops up when you try to open storyseeker.exe?

GOTY for me.

We all seek a good story and I like to see them in a game like this :)

Hey there,

I played your game and made a video on it, it was super interesting and i enjoyed it a lot, i really like the art style cause it is super colourful which i enjoy really colourful games, all in all, it is a really cool game and really interesting, keep up the great work =]

Hey Miles. It's me again! Shahidah (The Malaysian Youtuber).

Super super great job on the game! I had so much fun playing it! The art is superb!

Here's the part 1 of my gameplay Hehe! Took me over 2 hours but it worth it since I found all 12 Totems, the knight-slayer and the signmaker! 

Thanks again!



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