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hay alguna forma de ponerlo ene spañol?

Español: ¿Hay alguna manera de decirlo en español?

God, I loved this and the entire vibe. What did you use to make it??? 

It's done in Unity, although nowadays I'm making games in Godot!

I loved the music, that would accompany you as you travel this massive world as such a tiny character. Meeting a wide range of people from those who hunt and are scared of the cold. To those who just knit all day.

I can't find the last one I need to finish the game. I came to the comments for help, but I just wound up getting the game spoiled for me... Now that I know... I have half a mind to just not bother :/

It's worth seeing even if you know... and I noticed a few other bits I missed the first time around when I watched it played again :)

Life is about creating your own stories from what you see and how you interpret it, and that's what this game was. It was beautiful and amazing to explore the game and experience the world you made.


This game makes me weirdly emotional...

Played it a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

Got all the stones and found the hidden chamber, and assumed that was all there was to find? Felt a bit incomplete. Still, great storytelling overall.

Beautiful world to explore.

doesnt work with mac

Yeah, it's old enough that it only works on the 32 bit macs. Sadly I've lost my files so I can't get a new version built


This is my new favorite game I love getting lost only to find myself later (I loved the lesbian serpents)

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hearing this is a game about getting lost, i love games such as this such as rain world and hollow knight, hopefully i find something similar here
edit: its a great game, took me some time to realize what i needed to do but overall would recommend if you're bored.

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Good job! It is a game about getting lost, and you've succeeded wonderfully. The only maps would be the ones you draw.

Any chance of a 64 bit Mac version?

Sorry, no. I'd love to have one (considering I have a Mac myself), but the original game files have been corrupted and don't work anymore for me to make a new build :(


reminds me of yume nikki. seems interesting :D

i enjoyed this!


Very nice :) Simple and poetic. Thank you for making this.


My favorite exploration game, 11/10

This game was so great!!! The art style is so fitting and so beautiful. The world is big enough to feel expansive, but contained enough that you can easily get a feel of the place. The story's scope is just right too -- enough of the world is explained so that it feels like it unfolds naturally and coherently, but enough is left up to imagination. It's really well done! The "final mystery" is also really well done. Once it was revealed, it made SO much sense, but it wasn't something I had even considered! Overall, great game. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic world with a well written story. 

If you liked Outer Wilds, you might like this as well. Similar design philosophy on a smaller scale.



An entire world in the form of a painting.

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I have played this game quite a while ago, and I absolutely loved it. After deciding to revisit it, I come across... a Steam Page? Huh, neat. I go check it out and...

...Early Access? Wait, it's unfinished? It's gonna cost money, and there's gonna be more stuff? What sorta stuff... More characters? More... weapons?? TIME TRAVELLING AND NEW DIMENSIONS????

I... is this real?? I gotta know, this is looking bonkers!

The name of the developing team is some Peace World, and it appears as their only game, with no demo or anything. Is that the name of your company, or is someone here doing some trickery with your game??

The game needs to be update to work with the current version of macOS...


Doesn't run on latest MacOS.


i really like the idea that you could choose where to end it at every point in the game.

heart warming


Wish I could fix it.

I like this more than yume nikki.

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ok spoilers to anyone who reads this . dont keep going until youve finished . if you get frustrated and cant progress i recommend being flexible with what a trail is and trying to reach places you havent before or any places where youre like "huh why cant i reach that"? try to go to those.

i spent probably.. a half an hour longer than the supposed playtime. i got really lost in the world and i teared up for some reason. not in a sad way or angry way but like its the same feeling i get when i look up at the night sky and see stars sometimes.

also i dont know if any of this was actually purposeful but one way i would describe this game is yume nikki but way better LOL. like the feeling of slowly finding weird stuff in a weird world. i loved the ruins and weird stopped time but also looping time and looping space elements!! also the giant big animal and gay serpents and giant big ruins.. any game or movie with giant skeletons of warriors made for battle is good to me (idk i think of nausicaa/hyper light drifter). god this game is also so simple but also... aesthetically cool... i love the clockwork solar system, island turtle, glitchy oil spill, misty snakes and earthy snakes and sea snakes?? its really cool. it wasnt just a walking sim for me, at first i was like bruh u cant really interact with anything but now... im like... oh. thats why. i feel like all of the elements and in this game tie so nicely together its so COOL!!!!!!!!!!

i kinda felt like the theme i got from this game was how messed up the world can get when the flow of nature and time is disrupted, but also how people adapt to a messed up world... like... the world is changing, but were still here. this game is fun to analyse lol

if i had any suggestion it would be to leave the footprints of the character behind so that you actually know where youve been. also a bit more explanation behind the totem mechanics like others have maybe light rays pointing between each totem at the temple? so they show you where next you can go. but overall thank you for one of the best hours of my life sorry that  might be too sentimental lol. 


Not too sentimental; I loved hearing your experiences and analysis <3

nice artwork, i like it


i settle down with utmost trust in lesbian serpents, they will figure out the rest and save the world


What an incredible little game. I played it when it first came out years ago and I'm still thinking about it even now.


Excellent project, to be honest, I did feel a little confused at the beginning, but after I'm exploring I did find the story, and WOW. The concept is fresh I like it so much, congratulations for this beautiful piece of art. Tnks for sharing this with us, really really tnks u

Really good game bro!


going to write a review for this anyway, but i thought it'd be nice to comment so everyone can see. this game is simple, but don't let that fool you. its narrative is delightful and haunting in equal measure, complete with beautiful visuals the likes of which i've not seen in some time. i really enjoy the trails left on the map that lead you to things, it's such a nice concept. if you're considering playing this, go in blind and just let your feet take you onwards.


This was delightful, thank you very much. :)


Incredible and haunting in every aspect. A gem that lets its visuals narrate its story. I loved it.


haunting is the perfect way to put it


is there more to come after knowing that time is wrecked and there is no way to fix it? By the way, Amazing game!! I have never seen a game like it before!! i love it!

This game surprised me, how big and beautiful it is :o Really enjoyed playing ♥

Great game. I really liked that it was so exploratory with little explanation. Gave me a similar feeling as Breath of the Wild in that sense.

Intriguing trailer! Would it be possible to make a 64-bit or universal-Linux build? Some systems don't have 32-bit dependencies.

A beautiful and relaxing game.

Loved every aspect of it.

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