A tiny spaceship hurtles through the interstellar void, powered by a roaring nuclear reactor. You are its only engineer.
This seems safe.

Game jam project made in collaboration with Robin Swift and Tomas Beržinskas.


Sunlight_windows.zip 24 MB
Sunlight.app.zip 26 MB
Sunlight_linux.zip 27 MB

Development log


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I don't get it. At some point the reactor just starts overheating no matter what I do. I know where to look once the thing pops but neither turning it up nor turning it down helps.

Deleted post

cool but not a horror game thx that game was coll if it was longer will be so god game seya

why is it tagged psychological horro

loved this little game!! its fun to figure out how to do it


bruh i literally cant win

i fixed the radiotion leak but i cant do anything i else i just die


That was great! I need more!

Nice little game, could use some randomness, but I liked it. Good job

Could you make a downloadable version

It's been uploaded now! Thank you for the request.


i dont get how to work this. what does what exactly?

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figured it out. apparently the other thing shows you coolant levels so you have to look there once the one at the valve no longer is able to show.

Not a clue on what to do with this game...

Pretty good, too bad there's no downloadable version tho :(

Get the itch.io app

Due to demand, a downloadable version has been added now!


Thanks  :)


I died at the end, but I was right in front of the panel, so I pressed space and I won. Radiation brought me back from death I guess?


Good game! Fun, and still took me several tries to not die!


love the graphics and dialogue!


Phew... this game was fun I FINALLY WON lol


really good



first you grab the piston/ dildo looking part off the self then go to the computer and the panel will open up


This was fun, I enjoyed it a lot!  Took me a few tries, but now I'm safe! :D