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in a way it's cute and fun


Still dont understand what im supposed to do. First few tries i got to telling the captain the reactor model after that the reactor just explodes when  i put in the password


Ah, just like Soviet technology

Nah. This is not Soviet. This is US's first satellite.


Somehow, while doing the exact same thing several times and once it worked and literally every other time it didn't


who's idea was it to put only one engineer on this ship


I would


the mechanics after the gauge broke were a bit confusing at first but I got the hang of it eventually, great game!!


Really enjoyed the humor in this one. This is about the same level of urgency I tend to give my reactor when it's glowing and steaming

I know there's pretty minimal art in this game, but this is a really well designed little room! Everything I need to interact with is clear, but it's still got a messy vibe to it. Pipes and wires lay about, but I still got a shelf for my little rubber duck, and a sweet post-it doodle!

Again, the humor is delightful hearing these two banter back and forth. It feels like there's some years of friendship in there.

There was a strange glitch that seemed to prevent me from seeing the final message, even on a second playthrough (played windows version) but I was able to find it in another playthrough to add it in. Other than that, fun little game!

What is the password for the computer?


hate to admit but it's 80085.

Lol thanks

Really Fun Game, I enjoyed how subtly the reactor gets brighter so you don't notice anything until the reactor is blindingly bright and of course by then its already to late.

it reminds me "human powered spacecraft" but in less humorous and more tense type. Nice work. Such cozy little ship with such dangerous reactor is kind of both scary and comfy experience. 

It was very good, bravo!

Is it hot in here or is it just me. ;{) 

*collapses from heat exhaustion*

I did better when I had no clue what was going on. I guess that I have to level out the coolant in a specific way.

Whoa cool game! Nice graphics and quite tense. I lost once. Pretty short, could use some additional stuff. Also, I wasn't sure about the pickable items on the shelf, and it would have been good if it was possible to leave them back on the shelf. Nice game overall.

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When you can't figure out the controls to view controls.

ok it was just not responding.

Simple game, maybe some variation or more complexity if you ever decide to update this with more levels but overall pretty good

Ez and a simple game I can of lost 5 times or so but I finnaly won the game  nice game btw :)

Took a while to understand what the problem was


I don't get it. At some point the reactor just starts overheating no matter what I do. I know where to look once the thing pops but neither turning it up nor turning it down helps.

You have to look at the coolant tank- folllow the pipe for the coolant regulating valve thingy.

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cool but not a horror game thx that game was coll if it was longer will be so god game seya


why is it tagged psychological horro

loved this little game!! its fun to figure out how to do it


bruh i literally cant win

i fixed the radiotion leak but i cant do anything i else i just die


That was great! I need more!

Nice little game, could use some randomness, but I liked it. Good job

Could you make a downloadable version

It's been uploaded now! Thank you for the request.


i dont get how to work this. what does what exactly?

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figured it out. apparently the other thing shows you coolant levels so you have to look there once the one at the valve no longer is able to show.

Not a clue on what to do with this game...

Pretty good, too bad there's no downloadable version tho :(

Get the app

Due to demand, a downloadable version has been added now!


Thanks  :)


I died at the end, but I was right in front of the panel, so I pressed space and I won. Radiation brought me back from death I guess?


Good game! Fun, and still took me several tries to not die!


love the graphics and dialogue!


Phew... this game was fun I FINALLY WON lol


really good



first you grab the piston/ dildo looking part off the self then go to the computer and the panel will open up


This was fun, I enjoyed it a lot!  Took me a few tries, but now I'm safe! :D