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Hey there!

My name is Shahidah and I'm a Youtuber from Malaysia.

Just came across this game and judging by the comments and all, it's super awesome!

Is it okay for me to record the gameplay and monetize the video on Youtube?

Thanks and have a great day!



Yes, that's fine. Feel free to send me a link! I hope you enjoy the game.

Thank you so much! <3


{Spoiler warning}

I love this game. The art is amazing, the music is calming and helps set a mood well, and the writing is excellent.

(I absolutely loved finding the sea serpents and realizing they were lesbian)

I have seen beyond the door, and I know about the knight and the accident.

I am one of the three of my people that were not frozen.

I am the traveler.

I found the knight slayer, who guards the eye.

Is it possible to find the mapmaker?

Thanks, I loved your game.

Thank you!

The lesbian sea serpents are some my favourites, too.

The signmaker is around, certainly.

Update: I found the signmaker and I love it.

I enjoyed this game thoroughly, keep up the good work!

I quite enjoyed the game!! Great job! I think ill go back through and find all the totems!  

Developers should take notes from the calming design of this game. Hyvä  äijjät

It's a lovely game, I have to go back and find all the totems. :)

Per viewer request I had to go back and get that door open. I almost wish I hadn't. It makes you feel so helpless, this beautiful world locked in what seems like many times colliding, the history, rise and fall of it's citizens, all happening at once. You want to help but all there is to do is observe. My first look I found it really relaxing, calm and cool, this one, however, makes it feel almost like an experimental horror game. (This is a quick sprint to the end and doesn't go into as much detail as my fist video)

!! Please tell me if there’s a way to save the world. I’ve fallen in love with it and leaving it frozen is unbearable. I’ve reached the heart of time and settled there- is there anything else I can do?


You are more of a historian than a hero.
But the denizens of the world are trying their best. They'll find a way.

Legit just made an account to say this, I love this game so much hollly moly

The art, amazing. The sounds, amazing. The music oh my god its fantastic. And the story too oh I just love how its conveyed and Im pretty sure I haven't found everything in here yet.

Ahh so kind of you to go through the effort of saying this! I'm glad you enjoyed!

Yeah there's a whole lot of stuff to see out there, but hopefully there's no stress to find it all. Everyone gets to walk their own path and see their own version of the world!

Relaxing, beautiful and intriguing. The art and music are gorgeous and the game manages to really hold your interest with tiny snippets of text alone. Really glad that I tried this out


Thank you for this! It's was so cool to hear your reactions and comments!

spooky and exciting! thanks for this.

Spooky and exciting is what I aim to provide. Cheers!

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